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(PPC) Pay Per Click can be one of the best ways to market your business on the internet. Sometimes it's the only way to have a new website show up in the top of the search results. Getting to the top of Google just isn't going to happen overnight for competitive terms so PPC can be a good way to supplement your organic search engine positioning. The paid search positions are the top three or the ones that run down the sides of the search results.

Although it's very easy to spend money in search engine marketing without knowing where it's going, there are tools for tracking where those clicks come from and whether they resulted in a sale. Although you can set up an Adwords/Bing account yourself and spend your way through the learning curve you are much better advised to have an expert setup your account, and then optimize and monitor it.

I have seen accounts running for years that are just wasting money. No negative keyword list, low quality scores, bidding the wrong terms, broad matching all the terms, all links point to the home page, poor landing pages, no ad relevancy, only one ad for all keywords, adding Google’s recommended keywords and terrible click through rates are just some of the problems I see.

After I determine what your product or service is, I then conduct keyword research to find your potential clients. I look at scores for monthly keyword search numbers in local and global markets if needed. Search engine marketing research and keyword selection takes time and if not done correctly you can easily attract the wrong clients and pour money down the drain.

Negative keyword research is also conducted and this list is carefully merged with my large generic negative list. The lists are then tailored to the ad groups and campaigns. This prevents your ads showing to the wrong clients and this will increase your click through rate and lower your costs. This list is then added to by monitoring and analyzing traffic data.

Keywords are broken into similar ad groups and this keeps the ads relevant and improves the quality score. Different keywords need different ads and often need to land on different pages. Landing pages must be relevant to ads or quality score will fall and costs will rise.

Landing pages for keywords need to be analyzed and modified with calls to action and quality content to increase the keyword and ad relevancy. Landing pages may have to be created from scratch or modified. Potential clients need to follow a path to purchase and tracking code must be on these pages.

Campaigns are created for different strategies. If you're not a local business and want to sell products and services worldwide you may want campaigns based on languages or scheduled to run at certain times of the day. By analyzing conversion time statistics, scheduling ads can increase the return on your investment and lower your costs.

I write compelling ads with my proven techniques to increase click through rates and prevent clicks from non buyers. Ads are written with calls to action that persuade potential clients to click without putting them off.

I have techniques for keyword bidding that I use by analyzing statistics and monitoring ad positions against keyword conversion rates. Number one position may have the highest click through rate but might not be the highest conversion position.

Conversion tracking is what makes Pay Per Click (PPC) a science! Without conversion tracking there is no way of knowing what keywords or ads were converted. Many other reports can also be generated with this data resulting in ads tweaks, improvements to landing pages, and addition or removal of keywords. I place this conversion tracking code on your pages and the guess work is gone. You will be able to follow the flow from the ads and keywords right up to the sale!

Campaigns need to be monitored and optimized. Optimizing is the key for large campaigns and can save thousands of dollars in ad costs. Ad testing must be conducted for a few months removing lower performing or low converting ads and replacing them with higher performing ads. These changes are again made by analyzing several data factors in statistics.

I set up scheduled reporting and create custom reports that show who, what, where and how your clients are using your ads and site. In the case of Google Adwords I integrate Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Transparency is important! I setup accounts in your name, you own them and you have access to the data at all times. You know what it costs and where your money is being spent. I don’t believe in bidding on your trademark as your SEO should be good enough when someone is searching for you that you are at the top already. I believe you should pay for clients looking for your products and if they remembered you from the last time they will find you for free. 

You need to bid against competitors ads and win with better ads, competing for the terms that really matter, not junk terms. Using what SEO people call longtail terms with exact and phrase match I capture the right traffic and filter out the traffic you don’t want by not showing your ads, and wording the ads that are shown correctly (I use proven techniques).

Every client is different, if you are a small local company only bidding a few terms setup costs can be relatively low, but as the number keywords to target and the complexity of the campaign increases so does the cost. Building a campaign right in the first place saves a lot of money in the long term.

I started selling products online with Overture before Google even started selling ads. I have designed search engines, search bots, filtering software and ad blocking software. I have a clear understanding of search engines and you can be assured that you are getting the most for your dollar.

Return on investment (ROI) is what it's all about. With regular monitoring and updates to your PPC campaign I can help you ensure you are getting the best return on your advertising dollar.

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